They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and this is true, but pearls are also timeless masterpieces we will always adore. From the depths of the ocean, pearls are created, formed in the shells of molluscs and used as a sign of pure sophistication around the world. Finding a perfectly round pearl is rare, but exquisite, which makes them extremely sought after by all fine jewellery connoisseurs, and the perfect gift for someone special. Pearls are round, hard masses with a smooth surface. They come in all different shades, but white and black are the most common.

Perth’s beautiful coastline and pearl jewellery is a match made in ocean heaven. Naturally created in the shell of a mollusc, pearls are formed by a parasite embedding itself to the soft mantle of the mollusc. The mollusc then covers the parasite with a sac and starts to form layers of a smooth and shiny substance called nacre around the irritant. This nacre makes up the interior of the mollusc, also called an oyster. The layers continue to form around the irritant and in time this forms the pearl. Though it doesn’t sound very glamorous, the end-product speaks for itself. Over the years, the pearl has been highly sought after, and finding one has eluded many. Divers would hunt for molluscs checking each one for pearls, the rarity is what makes them so irresistible. Today, oyster breeding and harvesting farms have been established making the process more controlled and therefore more affordable for those wanting to add that sophistication to their jewellery collection.

Pearl jewellery has always been fashionable, and its timeless characteristics are what make it so appealing. With no current industry standard on the grading of pearls, it is really up to you what you like the most, but there are some factors to look out for. A pearl’s value is determined by a combination of type, size, shape, lustre, colour and surface – the rarer the pearl the more beautiful it usually is. Pearls are also graded with the most luxurious having more than 85% of the surface defect-free. Natural pearls are worth more than cultured ones and cultured seawater pearls are worth more than cultured freshwater pearls. Pearls which have little to no flaws, not dyed, but natural in colour and are perfectly symmetrical and round fetch the highest price. If found to be a quality piece cultured freshwater pearls can be priced up to $1,500 each, but some pearls can be found to cost up to $30,000.

With so much beauty in pearls and the arduous process of creating and producing pearl jewellery, there’s no wonder pearls are still a luxurious item still very fashionable today. Koro Fine Australian Jewellery in Perth boasts a great range of stunningly crafted pearl pieces available to enjoy – We invite you to see for yourself. Contact our friendly team today!

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