There are a million ways to pop the question, but the one thing that never changes is the timeless diamond engagement ring. For centuries, civilisations around the world have turned to this unique piece of jewellery when proposing to their special someone. Anthropologists believe this originated from a Roman tradition in which wives wore rings attached to small keys, indicating their husbands’ ownership.

A Sign of Commitment

It was Archduke Maximillian of Austria who really brought this tradition into its own though, when he commissioned the first diamond engagement ring for his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy. Following his lead, the nobility and upper classes of 1400s Europe quickly adopted the exchange of diamond rings as a sign of commitment. The Victorians then popularised the mixing of different stones and gems, paving the way for the variety of cuts we know today. While the ring has always come in many shapes and sizes, its important place in modern society as symbol of love and a celebration of an impending union has never wavered.

Revolutionary Advertising

It wasn’t until the last century though, that what we now know as the world’s most sought after piece of jewellery became a popular exchange for all couples. Market research by ad agency N.W Ayer for their client, De Beers in the 1930s showed that most Americans saw diamonds to be reserved for the rich and famous, and so didn’t consider it an option for themselves. To remedy this, De Beers embarked on a revolutionary campaign. It began with the widespread publicity of diamonds. From celebrities to newspaper and radio ads to editorials on “how to buy a diamond”, you’d had to have been hiding under a more sizeable rock than even the most extravagant diamond to miss the message – a diamond is an essential part of marriage. This was embraced by not only Americans, but lovers around the world as diamond sales surged. De Beers cemented their place in history again in 1948 when they coined one of the world’s most iconic slogans, “A diamond is forever.” There was no doubt about it, a diamond engagement ring had become the ultimate symbol of a lifetime of commitment and love.

Today, millions of couples around the world share some of their most precious memories over this ring. While the stone remains pretty much the same, each couple puts their own unique touch on this sentimental piece through their choice of cut. While modern diamond shapes are cut to maximize sparkle, many shoppers look to vintage cuts to maximize carat weight. From the circular Rose Cut, to the square cut stones of the French Cut or the rounded corners of the Cushion Cut, couples are spoiled for choice as they search for the perfect diamond engagement ring. The day you propose is one of the most important days of your life, so make it memorable with a beautiful flawless diamond ring. The experts at Koro Fine Australian Jewellery can help you to choose the ring for your perfect moment. Contact us today!

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