Whether it be looking for the perfect unique gift or purchasing something special for yourself, personal gemstones are a great way to show off your personality. Gemstones connect us with our spirit and with so many different types of gemstones out there, each of us are likely to have some sort of connection with these beautiful jewels.

Zodiac gemstones are arguably the most popular, allowing us to connect personally with the month and day we were born. Alternatively known as astral stones, it is believed each zodiac gemstone has influence over a person’s fortune in life, especially when a person wears or holds the gemstone close to them. Astrology is something personal, so being able to hold that part of yourself close by is one way to express your personality. It is believed that the influence of your astrology sign over your fortune in life is strengthened by wearing, holding or carrying your zodiac gemstone. There is a harmony that exists between the forces of nature and your astral stone, and several stones are listed for each sign and it is encouraged when choosing your stones that you pick those you have a close connection with.

Like our zodiac gemstones, our birthstones tell us a lot about ourselves, for example, January gemstones include garnet and emerald. Garnet means traditional, or ancient. It is said that garnet can also boost the energy of an entire system bringing order to chaos. Garnet is also a protective energy stone – this may be why wearing your stone as a symbol is recommended. It is said that certain gemstones can have more vibration power at different times of the year – there are many different stories told about how and why these birthstones connect with a particular gemstone for each month of the year.

Each gemstone has a meaning, some more than one meaning, and this is what makes them so appealing to the wearer. For example, emeralds are a very popular. They are also a very beautiful stone, adding a gorgeous green to any piece of jewellery. Emerald gemstones mean love and healing – with such powerful qualities it is no surprise that many pieces will have an emerald gemstone in them. Some gemstones have powers to help grant the wearer pleasant dreams, protection and even love. For those having trouble sleeping, all you need to do is place an amethyst gemstone under your pillow and this will bring about a good night’s sleep. Before they were known as gemstones, hundreds of years ago, people would pick up different coloured stones for ornamental purposes, not realising the benefits that gem would have for them.

At Koro Fine Australian Jewellery we encourage you to showcase your personality, and that means getting your hands on some stylish and beautiful gemstones. Connect on another level with the gorgeous pieces you wear, add a little extra sparkle to that outfit or simply express your personality through one of the many gemstones on offer. Contact Koro Fine Australian Jewellery today or drop into our store to see the range!

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